Wellness Lesson 20

Topic : Hurry

The dictionary explains hurry as – to impel to greater speed.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

A famous doha by Kabir, one of the most fascinating souls that humanity has been blessed with:
Dheere dheere re manaa
Dheere sab kuch hoye
Maali seenche sau ghada
Ritu aaye phal hoye

Translation :
Slowly, slowly O mind
Slowly it all happens
The Gardener waters – waters the year round

But, the fruit comes when it is time!

H – Hopping around as a necessity for achievement and success.

U – Urging and using everyone to support this culture. Focus is always on the market and material to be marketed.
“Opportunity knocks only once” is implanted deeply in our minds.

R – Reaction all the time. Reaction is immediate. Response takes time. Succumbing to market pressures at the cost of
relaxation. ” I can’t be lazy, I have to run ahead of time, I have deadlines to meet.” This is the success song! Not
hurrying is labeled as ‘laziness’. The tag is ‘irresponsible’. The comfort zone is ‘I have no choice’.

R – Receiving instant relief through experts is a sign of progress.

Y – Yet more and more is the formula. Bigger, better, faster faster faster is the mantra, never mind the cost or quality
of life.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that busier is better, but actually the speed of doing is not as important as what we focus on doing.

Maybe we’re going at the wrong speed. Maybe if we are constantly rushing, we will miss out on life itself. Let’s let go of the obsession with speed, and instead slow down, stop rushing, and enjoy life.

To enjoy wellness it is important to accept hurrying is consuming health-giving energy like fire. In order to conserve health relaxation is the key.

Health is certain when we give it time and priority; Let us not hurry through our food, job and thoughts. Remember slow and steady opens the way to wellness.

Wellness Lesson 19

Worry does it Work

In the wellness journey we understand worry is total wastage of wellness energy.

Worry is

W – Way to illness. Worry is negative emotion and reason for acidity leading to all illness.

O – Order of today. We accept worry as natural. “I love my family if I don’t worry who else.” In reality you love the
family, you wanted to protect them, you end up worrying losing your health, and can you protect others when you
are not healthy.

R – Resistance to acceptance. You insist on what you are doing in the name of therapies, doctors, tradition without
knowing any one of it. When you insist resistance follows. What you resist will persist.

R – Reward culture. “Life insurance and rule supporting illness culture”. Remember wellness cannot be bought back by
spending money on illness. The only reward you can get by being ill is attention. When you get this attention  remember its only sympathy and pity. The true wellness is put attention to natural life. Worry will vanish.

Y – Year by year the same habits continue illness, become more intense, you worry more!!.

Eating fruits brings relaxation to the whole body, symptoms disappear and then you know worrying is useless.

Wellness Lesson 18

Body is Our Home

“Safe home is a happy home”. We are always safe in a wellness home!

In a SAFE PLACE (home) all are kind. Sarcasm, fighting, back biting, gossip and name calling are rare.
In a SAFE PLACE there is laughter, laughter from everybody’s heart which catches everybody. This laugher is not from the TV. A real laughter that comes from sharing meaningful work and play.

Of course in a SAFE PLACE there are always rules which everyone follows. Because they are made by the very members who live and work there including the children. They know the value of rules. In a SAFE PLACE members listen to one another. They care about one another they show, they express, that they do care.  Thus a SAFE PLACE means care is the base. All of us seek this all the time. The need of life is safety.

The SAFEST PLACE is your body, (Home). The Cells, tissues, organs, system are the members of this home. Thus taking care of the body means that we are creating a SAFE PLACE by which we can give safety to all. This is creating wellness for oneself and others. Now remember body is yours, body is the boss, body is the teacher. Now you know the body is also your home. The safety of this home truly depends on what you eat and what you think.  Eat fruits, dry fruits, nuts and vegetables always.

Think always “All is Love, All is well, and All is one”.  This is the very very safe way to be happy.

Wellness Lesson 17

Wellness is Health

What is health? Health is what gives you the ability to see, hear, run, smell, feed, make babies, create dinosaurs out of Legos, surf, swim, solve algebra puzzles, tie shoelaces, sing and do all the thousands of different things you do every day with exuberance and joy.

Health depends on what goes on inside the body. It is a feeling of fitness – of optimal physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being i.e. you look good, feel good and think good. You have all the energy you need.

Health is much more than absence of disease. Today, health is understood as a by product of illness, sickness, disease, pain, stress and suffering. It is not. Health is reality. It is the being. It is the product and not the by product.

Health can be achieved by following natural law – which is sleep when sleepy, have plenty of fruits and vegetables, trust the body.

Keep the thought – all is well, all is fine.

Wellness Lesson 16

Nature Verses Human Being

Chicken or the Egg which came first, Nature or Human being which came first! Is it necessary to ask this question? To be in the wellness world this question is very important.

Hens contain the intelligence to hatch, the eggs! Pop comes the chicken a miracle. No similarity between the egg and the chicken. Eggs do not reveal what it carries inside, nor is the chicken interested in it. Chicken grows into hen or cocks. They carry the blue print in them by which it carries the egg, allow it to mature, deliver it, hatches it (HEN), teaches the chicken to feed for itself, fend for itself to become hen or cock the cycle continues through nature. This is a natural process that we don’t even notice.

Let us just remember this miracle about your BODY. When in doubt about your body’s ability to get us out of discomfort of diseases. Remember body is the boss and also the teacher. The intelligence that is in the egg is also the same in the seed which grows into a tree, bud, flower, back to seeds and tree. It is the same intelligence in all the animals including we human beings. Except human beings, all the other beings grow in nature and consume food that nature has decided.
Cows eat grass, birds eat grains, honey is for honey bee, carnivores animal eat herbivores animals, thus monkeys our forefathers eat fruits. Through the study of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, bio chemistry, anthropology we can safely make this statement-HUMANS ARE FRUITARIANS AND NOT GRAMINIVORES (grain eaters), HERBIVORES, OMNIVORES, OR CARNIVORES. We as human beings have tremendous creative powers by which we today eat factory made food. We work hard to make health. The Budget for processing industry is 1 Lakh Crore, We have a Processing Ministry.

Evolution happened through nature and not through ministries and factories. Look what have we done to our Chickens and Hens. Instead of Hens hatching eggs naturally running in the nature factories do this job producing Broiler chicken? They then produce these chicken. When they grow into hens, we pride ourselves saying we have unfertilized eggs. Moreover these eggs are sold as vegetarian eggs. The way we bypass the nature is so evident. BYPASS SURGERIES ARE ALSO EVIDENT. Can we see the connection between factory broilers, unfertilized eggs, and fertility clinic COMING ALL OVER.

Let us take a deep breath, touch our heart and ask is this progress.

The wellness lessons are for us to develop the skill to ask these questions so that we can live in harmony with nature. Remember we are fruitarians; fruits give us the ability to live ethically.

Wellness Lesson 15

Body is Our Doctor

Dictionary meaning of the Doctor is Teacher. Wisdom of the Body is the most reliable doctor for us.

What is Wisdom :

W – Wellness
I – Independence of Science
S – Self Care
D – Divine Blessings
O – Open to all to see the relief
M – Matches mother earth’s capacity to live in Love, Peace and Harmony

Body is the store-house of the intelligence of the divine energy. It has the capacity to protect you and give the best in all circumstances, including during sickness. Through breath we get this divine energy continuously.

“MOOCHU IRUNDAL ELLAME IRRUKKU”, which means that breath is the source of everything. When we have this faith, we can say “we are reflecting the wisdom of body”.

Wisdom is not available in the market. It is always present in the body. Through the breath we can feel it. “Put attention to the Breath” be there. As a child you grew with this wisdom. We need to put open our heart to this wisdom. For this note the following:

1. Stopping medicine is the goal.
2. Sleep is the first step.
3. Physical rest is the first step to sleep. You won’t repair a running car!
4. Fruits, dry fruits, raw vegetables, juices – including herbs – and spices are the only items which will give digestive rest. Eat them when you are relaxed. You don’t put petrol in a running car!
5. Every Breath brings water to carry function of the body. Water displaces Prana.

Knowing the body’s wisdom will give you the faith to follow these rules. These five rules (Pancharatnas), if you consistently apply while you are sick, will help you to realize how simple it is to recover.

The wisdom present in every part of the body will remove garbage from the body by many ways viz., cold, cough, loose-motion, fever, rashes are the ways by which the inside garbage leaves the body safely, steadily and surely. Once the garbage is cleared, we experience exuberant health (unlimited joy).

Medicine push the garbage back into the body. After-effect of the medicine are well known. The comfort is temporary. Many of our own family members, including friends, are valuable testimony for this.

Accept body as the Teacher and respect the body as Doctor and cherish the Wisdom.

Become a wise person ……

Wellness Lesson 14

Lessons from Our Past History

Anthropology is a science which gives us an understanding how people lived in the past and how they continue to live today.

In the rainforest, the so called primitive societies and tribal communities live in connection with nature even today. These societies preserve the SOURCE (Nature) of their existence. This is a culture which is closely linked to their own existence. Everything is interdependent. Co-existence is natural.

In their existence there is an inner wisdom to always co-operate with all and everything. We can see them progressing in health even today without modern medicine or intervention. Please note the following 3 observation we can make.

1. The unique factor we all need to remember is that there is no garbage because nothing is wasted.

2. Also note the progress journey we are making through Science Age and amount of garbage we collect inside our body (constipation) and outside our environment.

3. In the tribal society when we introduce technology, including medical technology, (immunization etc), garbage appears followed by disease and disharmony.

It is very clear only when we remove garbage from inside (body) and outside (environment) we can say that we are truly progressing.

To progress without illness we must admit, and apologies for not caring for the connection with the nature. Now the truth is NATURE IS-

N – Nobody can compete with nature.
A – Absorbs all Natural matter and not manmade.
T – Totally reliable
U – Unlimited capacity to renew all the time. Creates seasons of growth, rest and renewal.
R – Recharges itself. Without any battery and bank account.
E – Everyone is equal.

Can anything be more SAFE, STEADY AND PLEASANT? Eating fruits and dry fruits when ill we can experience the power of nature. This is the connection we can see in ancient culture. Our rishis flourished with fruits. We use fruits for all worship. Let us worship our body with fruits. The slogan is “Science Age brings New Age of Ageless Ancient Wisdom to all”.

Wellness Lesson 13

A look at the Journey from ICE AGE to ICE AGE.

Life is a journey in progress. We have progressed from Ice Age to Stone Age to Bronze Age to Space Age and now to SCIENCE AGE through this also to Garb-age. On one side Science (science age) has given the ability to reach the moon ignoring the other side which is Garbage. One journey two aspects- two sides of the same coin. In the beginning the journey was through Natural Law, now the journey is through manmade Scientific Rules. Using Wellness Lessons we can get back to ICE AGE, back to Nature.

This is an age of
I – Information
C – Communication
E – Entertainment.

When we entertain our digestive canal through fruit it communicates with the interest of the body and we can inform all that “WE ARE WELL'”!

When we started the journey from ICE AGE we were connected with Nature. Today in the Science Age we are connected only to Illness Information FEAR.

Wellness is Oneness. Through Illness we will progress to the highest level of Health by following Natural Law

The age we will bring is to ICEAGE

I – Information of Wellness we will.
C – Communicate to all, this will bring.
E – Entertainment to all.


Wellness is moving from Fear to Faith Cure to Care through one and only – Nature.

Wellness Lesson 12



Fruit is the way route from Illness to Wellness. The root of Illness is wrong food.

F – Fast way to Wellness
R – Reliable
U – Universal Benefit
I – Immediate relief
T – Trustworthy

You will heavenly. Fruits are energizers and cleansers. Body shines on having fruit.

Your job wont take care of when you are sick. Fruit will.

Get your family and friends to eat fruit as they are in touch with you all the time.

The best way to serve others is by serving them fruit.

Past is history
Future is Wellness
Present is Fruits
Start fruits NOW

Let fruit be the topic of discussion. The only food which can communicate perfectly with your body is Fruit.
Share these questions and answers

What to eat?

Fruit. This establishes Wellness for you and others.

When to eat?

Whenever hungry and thirsty. Your illness will melt.

How much to eat?

Till satisfied. You can never over eat on fruit.

Why fruit is important?

The only food which cleans your inside and outside environment is fruit.

Can eat anytime, anywhere, whenever, any amount without measurement.

Any Anxiety of any Illness from cold to cancer, can be resolved through fruit.

Fruit is the only key to close the road to Illness and open the road to Wellness. The one key to get to heavenly life.

Wellness Lesson 11

Wellness is Oneness

Universe welcomes sun, moon, seasons, flowers, colors, music, thunder and everything that is there visible and invisible. Everything has its place and pleasure. We can see and feel the harmony and connection between

Sun and moon
Bud and flower
Flower and fruit
Fruit and seed
Seed and soil
Soil and earth
Earth and water
Water and cloud
Cloud and sky
Sky and universe

And the infinite life continues visibly and invisibly.

Everything is connected, everything coexist everything is a flow, what is behind this flow is an energy of wellness. The lesson we can remember through nature. “When something is joined its always connected whether it is seen by us or not”. Wellness awareness means remembering this connection. Wellness is the result of this connection. Universe creates wellness by welcoming everything. So let us accept with Love Peace Harmony – “Wellness is welcoming the illness as days are connected with day and night”. As light is connected with darkness. There is no darkness when light dims darkness happens. When light is bought darkness disappear. Illness when understood as darkness created by disconnection with nature, you will connect yourselves with nature and health. We are from nature we just have to remember this. Remember this connection always. Then you will connect the
Body with food,
Food with sleep,
Sleep with rest,
Rest with growth,

Growth is from illness to wellness by keeping this connection intact always.

Remember fruit connects with earth through whole of universe as we have seen above. Your body represents the whole of the Universe.

Wellness Lesson 10

Leadership & Relationship

Accept body as the leader.

Life is a journey.

Life is a relationship. All relationships need guidance.

We are taking guidance constantly from each other to strengthen our bonds.

We know we give trust, fate, gratitude, to many people in our journey.

We learn to be committed to family, jobs, and community.

These relationships support us always and we are grateful.

They inspire us giving us love, time, financial and emotional support.

Inspite of all the support and experts more and more people are ill!

Why are we seeing more sickness than health? The reason is we have NO relationship with our body.

We spend time, effort, and energy towards our work, family, missions like vehicles, kitchen equipment, and cellphones.

What about spending time and energy and effort with our body?

Let us move from illness to wellness by starting a relationship with our body.

Let the body take leadership.

Know the body is functioning for you, only for you, to carry all the commitment you have with others.

All outside journeys happen through your body.

The wellness lessons are for our body to remember to respect the relationship with the body and enrich ourself by fullfilling its needs by natural law.

Let us give time to sleep, rest, eat, and recover from illness.

You will discover that you recovered without any medicine.

Journey with the body is the only way for wellness.

The body is the bride from illness to wellness without any effort.

Illness is short term wellness is long term. This is the truth.

Let us start the journey with the body NOW to have a relationship with wellness.

Wellness Lesson 9

Wellness is Oneness



Natural beauty is powerful, energizing, amazing, and beauty! Natural beauty means we reflect nature’s beauty.


This is the wellness lesson from nature. What a wonderful message with so much of beauty!


E- Enjoy the beauty and taste of fruits.
V-Voice your TRUE feeling.
O-Open your heart to feel deeply LOVE
T-Timeless factor of nature! We have always time for all including health.
I- Integrate your determination with action.
O- One point attention. Pay attention to your nature. Not to other people’s nature.
N-Natural health is the result.

Remember natural health is ours only only by devotion. Nature devotes itself to nature including us. Nature shines for us. Let us devote our self to devotion in all that we do.



Wellness Lesson 8

The Magic of Smile

Smile is the spontaneous reflection of happiness. Magical wellness starts with a smile. Smile is the body language of Wellness. Smile is the mirror of gratitude. Smile is the language of children. When you participate with children with a smile, they start laughing .So Wellness life is participation with a smile.

Nature smiles through flowers, birds, butterflies and beautiful animals including humans.

Smile announces ALL IS WELL. Smile brings positive energy like a breeze. Smile relaxes everyone. Smile means support from the Universe and all that Universe offers.

S – Support
M – Melt worry
I – Inexhaustible quality
L – Love shines like the sun shines through the cloud
E – Entering point for peace.

When you smile an argument turns into a conversation. Smile conveys the feeling we are not arguing to WIN. “Let us agree to disagree”.

There is a difference between a Smile and Smirk.

Smirk is showing authority.

A Smile is saying ‘OK’ without words.

Smile is the best bridge to fill the gap of misunderstanding. Smile opens the heart of all! The ‘You’ and ‘I’ becomes the ‘WE’ with a smile. Thus all is ONE. Smile starts vibrating in our hearts and reaches the universe creating Love, Peace & Harmony.

The ripple of the smile sends ripples and ripples to millions and millions.

Wellness Lesson 7


Enjoy                                                Enter the Joy
J – Joy                                               J – Joining
O – Out of                                        O – Outside
B – Body                                           Y – Years and years of love.

Wellness is discovering the beauty and comfort of joy. Whatever we do when we do it with joy, time grows, life grows, and heath follows.

You give yourself suddenly everything is possible. Nothing is a job – remember JOB is Joy Out of Body!

Body is a store house of Joy-Bliss.

‘Aham Brahmasmi Tatvamasi Sachidaanda’ This joy is there in every creation. Flowers are expressions of Joy. Colours are expression of joy.

What is Joy? To watch the sunrise, sunset and rainbows. We look at a child and say “what a bundle of joy”.

Joy is the highest energy of all. It is the magical source that gives the sense that everything is possible.

Joy springs from appreciating the gift within each moment. Joy allows attract and create present and future moments. That to the highest possible level.

Wellness Lesson 6

In the wellness world life is easy efficient, effective, effortless and growing. The starting point, the essential way to living is gratitude. Whatever the situation is, step back and be silent, be with the breath.

Every breath is power of god (divine) coming to you. Receive it. Light of god will start shining. Love of god will touch you from the heart and gratitude will flow. Your life started with this foundation. Be there and you will know this is wellness. This is the oneness the body is waiting for.

The body knows you are allowing the body to take charge of yourself. Every cell, tissue, organ, system will wake up to sing the song of Love peace and harmony. This gives you the message that all is well, all is one, all is love. Thus gratitude is the best solution to all discomfort in your life. Finally eat right to live right.

G – Groove
R – Rest
A – Accept
T – Trust fully
I – Integrate with breath
T – Tolerate the pain
U – Utilize the energy
D – Devote yourself to nature
E – Everlasting wellness will be achieved

Gratitude will remove fear and open your mind. Remember we have all a closed mind to wellness. Gratitude will bring joy. Be patient to avoid being a patient. Gratitude means humility and patience.

Wellness Lesson 5

We have all heard the saying, “You can fool some people all the time, all people sometime but cannot fool all the people all the time”.

This marvelous saying let us remember all the time, to be in the wellness living. Then you will become the wellness being. For the last so many years we have fooled all the time some part of the body at some time or other.

In the wellness living the first understanding is the BODY, cannot be fooled. The disharmony-illness is the way the body is showing the power to alert us, to stop fooling ourselves (body). It is warning of the body to respect natural law of food.

That means we are ordered to consume more fruits. Not only that it’s alerting us to stop all manmade foods. Only by changing our food habit we can realize what a fool we have been!

The person who stops Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Smoking already have realized what a fool they have been.

Food creates the worst criminals. All Non Vegetarian are NOT CRIMINALS. All hard core criminals are Non Vegetarians. May be shocking to all of us, the fact is that is the TRUTH.

Truth is one. Wellness is Oneness.


Wellness Lesson 4

Learning or Remembering

In the wellness living remembering is the key. Learning is when you have to teach others. Remembering through your experience leads to wisdom. Learning leads to knowledge. Yattu surakay kurryku udawada we all know this proverb. Let us always remember, all is well, all is one and all of us are connected. We are playing, have played and will play a visible role in the wellness living.

As children, like all children of now, we were only a bundle of joy.

Let us thank that we can remember this always.

Let us make the journey collectively. We have started this.. we are part of the wellness journey. Now is the time to accept that wellness is ours.

Let us share this quote:

“May today there be peace within.

Let us trust. We are exactly where we are meant to be! Remember, every breath brings peace, love, harmony.

Let us also remember the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in ourselves and others. All is divine decision.

Let us accept everything as a treasure with humility.

Let us use the gifts we have received and pass on the love that has been given to us.

Let us be content with ourselves the way we are with compassion.

Let gratitude seep into our blood, bones and flesh.

Let us allow our soul, body the freedom to sing, dance in praise of love. Remember this is there for each and every one of us.

Let us sing love, peace, harmony from every core of our being”

This is wellness living. Let us move and dance this moment for wellness movements collectively, unitedly like nature. This remembering will help you to absorb the learning that we are doing every moment.

Our mind and learning is part of us, through that we can open up our heart and feeling. Thus, this journey is from thinking to feeling.

Wellness Lesson 3

Soil and Body

Mother Earth carries soil along with all the other energies that is, panchbhoothas. Remember body is the same. If we accept this, our journey in life is as simple as can be.

We all know what we did to our soil. We put fertilizers and more chemicals and we got good yield for some time. Now, we at the wellness world use natural inputs and not chemicals. Note body has more power than soil. Like Earth has more power than soil. You cannot take the soil alone and improve the energy. Soil works to the best when sunshine, moonlight, water, air circulation and bio mass is put. Like that body works with nature as a whole. We are reducing body into parts and repairing separately. Can it work? For getting relief, we are using medicine be it allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, unani, herbal etc..etc..

Everything has a short term benefit that is relief. We know in the long term illness and discomfort increases day by day. Worry starts. We want comfort in a hurry. Instant gratification (cure) is the culture today. It has become natural for us to swallow medicine. The wellness energy which comes through the breath and nature we waste it through hurry, worry and curry and including medicines. Remember, farmers are getting better and better results by stopping chemicals (medicines). Note – The soil has regenerated which we can all see it and feel it. Organic, natural farming is catching up. Let us celebrate. Your body is your BOSS. Body will become strong, active and healthy only when you stop medicine and give natural food.

Lesson always is, every chemical is a chemical. All medicine is chemical and destructive. The good news is there is no need for stopping the symptoms with the medicines. Rest, sleep and fruits will always remove the illness (symptoms) wonderfully. That is the wonder of nature and your body. “Twinkle Twinkle little star my body I wonder and I surrender to you always”. Let us remember and share with everyone

Wellness Lesson 2

Welcome to the Wellness World

Thank you. Let us thank each other with love in this world. We have made this choice. We have the declaration to hold, to see, to feel it and know we are blessed. Wow!

Everything must be based on a simple idea. Let us start with an idea – I am in this wellness world, feel it all the time. Then we are living in that wellness! This “IS” beginning of wellness living. Now you have the passport. Let us say to all! “How beautiful, how simple, how wonderful, this is life. No search only receiving.. Enjoy. How could Life be anything else. This is only Joy”

There are 2 ways to be foolish. One is to believe what is not true the other is to refuse to believe what is true” Soren Klgaard 1830-1855.

We know how true this is!. Believing in illness world and not believing in wellness world is foolish.

Let us announce the truth to all. All is well all the time. Yes to Life Yes to Life. Add Life to Life.

Wellness Lesson – 1

Wellness living

Understand, and study and feel the following:

1. Love is availability, Presence is the best present! (Love is feeling, gift reflects the feeling)

2. Always be in the position of inclusiveness instead of aiming at exclusiveness. Wellness world is inclusive all the time. Be the ‘special person’ to be inclusive.

3. Aspire for the highest good for all. Aspiration comes from inspiration. Nature has already put this in you.

4. There are two most powerful words—‘Yes” and ‘No’. Yes is from the heart, it is always easy. The pulse of the heart is self explanatory. You can hear it say yes….yes….yes. Listen to it always. The sound of the heart creates gratitude in you. It is the language of the universe.

‘Universe’ MEANS ‘ONE WORD’ No is man made. In the Wellness living we always say yes to all, all the time. Divine joins you in this. Rest of the feeling will flow out allowing you to glow and you deeply feel you are the reflection of Nature.

All is Love! All is One! All is Well!